I just don't even know.

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Chris and I decided that a pretty first baby girl’s name would be Aliyana.

What are YOUR favorite baby names?

  1. lunamilati answered: Kaine (for a boy)
  2. hippiewitch answered: Girls: Nova, Tuesday, Padme, Hermione, Avalon, Clover, Zen, Sage. Boys: Beowulf, Lars, Wolfgang, Casper, Haze, Shadow, Frost, Zarek
  3. eput answered: We’ve decided for a boy it would be gabriel, and for girls I have contemplated lucy, and anna grace :)
  4. mskaiichanell answered: Raelynn.
  5. lnrevolution answered: Yvonne.. lol.. well.. :) (haven’t thinking abt it yet)
  6. kyliearyn answered: Eleanor, but you call her Elle or Ellie
  7. justanotherinfatuation answered: My first daughter will be Alexandra Diane. Then the next one will be Olivia(nna) Josephine. :)
  8. quiltinmommy answered: Abagayil
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